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Dignified Home Euthanasia and Quality of Life Assessment
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Vet Visits has changed to Dignipets Stafford

It will be the same vet who will be supporting your pet(s) at home. For more information visit

Home Visiting Veterinary Service

in Stafford, Cannock and surrounding areas.

Why Home Visits

We mainly see older pets that are too frail to be transported, but there could be several reasons why someone could require a home visit.

A home visit means a lot less stress, whether it is for the owner's or the pet's sake. Unless you are already a registered client , you will need a referral from your own vet for routine consultations. As our vet is certified in animal hospice and palliative care, we can also offer hospice consultations, quality of life assessments, palliative care, and dignified home euthanasia in the comfort of your home. For home visits during our opening hours please call 07821 752099. For urgent out of hours euthanasia or palliative care please call 07821 752099 (please note we cannot deal with general emergencies)