Maja Redfern DrMedVet MRCVS

My name is Maja Redfern and I run Vet Visits.

I am Norwegian but as I have always enjoyed travelling and exploring new cultures. I did my veterinary studies at Szent Istvan University in Budapest, Hungary. When I graduated in late 2005, I moved to England, and I have since 2006 been working as a small animal vet.

As much as I enjoyed working in a busy small animal practice I felt I could offer a more unique and individual service to pet owners, and so Vet Visits was established.

Caring for pets and working as a vet is something I am very dedicated to. A life without animals around me would unimaginable and I have three cats, two dogs and a pony (and two daughters and a husband).

I hope to give pets and owners out there a personal, professional and unhurried veterinary experience.

My aim is to give the time and care that your pet deserves.