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Dignified home euthanasia, hospice care and end of life care for pets.

What is Hospice Care

Hospice Care is about comfort and quality of life for your pet.

Its about giving you and your pet control and dignity during the time you have left together.

We office hospice care when there is no cure, with the aim to help you and your pet live life as fully as possible until you chose euthanasia or until the time of natural death.

Why Hospice Care

We know how hard it is to know when the time has come to let a pet go - knowing if it’s the right decision at the right time. We are there to help you through the process. We help you by assessing your pet’s quality of life, and talking through the options available.

Whether you have an old or terminally ill pet, or you just don’t know if the time has come- we are able to see you and your pet in the comfort of your own home.

Our aim to help you and your pet live life to the fullest during the time that you have. Hospice care focuses on keeping your pet free from suffering.


I first met Maja from Vet Visits about a month before Christmas. My elderly cat had been ill for quite some time and I had made the difficult decision to have her put to sleep. Tigger was a nervous cat who didn't like to be held, and it was impossible to get her into a cat box. I didn't want her last moments to be stressful so when I was told about Maja I called her straight away. A few hours later Maja arrived at my house and immediately put me at ease. She was so kind, patient and professional. She kept my other three cats amused while we got Tigger to relax (which took quite a while). Eventually, with Tigger on my knee she administered the drug, and although her little heart fought on for a while she finally went into a deep sleep and passed away peacefully in front of the Christmas tree. At no time did Maja hurry the procedure and she treated Tigger with utmost respect. We all said goodbye to Tigger, then she was wrapped up snuggly in a towel and taken away for cremation. I can't thank Maja enough. She turned a sad moment into something very touching. I would recommend Vet Visits to everyone.

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